Travel Planning

We are embarking upon unknown voyage of discovery in which anything is possible.  – Roger Bennett 


Travel planning is one of the most exciting parts of the whole travel experience. Anything is possible. Nothing is off limits. The anticipation is at its peak. Until the research and pricing is done, possibilities are endless.  I even love airports (on the way to the trip, not so much on the way back) because it is buzzing with excitement and eagerness (and maybe a little bit of fear of flying).


I am going to Europe next week to visit relatives in Sweden. We are specifically going to the city of Goteborg, on the southwestern coast of the country. I’m not sure what to expect, and I am leaving all the planning for that part of the trip to my family. 


Once we leave Goteborg, my brother and I are taking a high speed train to Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden. High speed trains are something that a country as big as the United States needs to adopt. They are economical, convenient, and downright cool. Especially with the oil prices rising (and oil reserves diminishing), mass public transit is something that America should definitely consider. Granted, I may change my tune once I actually ride one of these high speed trains, but I seriously doubt it. 


In Stockholm we are planning on seeing one of the ships from their great empire sank right outside of the harbor. It was perfectly preserved and raised to put inside of a museum. It is called the Vasa Museum. Other than that, there looks like a cool armory from the same time period, but we are only spending a day and a half there so not too much time to do much else. 


Next we fly to Amsterdam where we are spending 3 days. We rented an apartment through Airbnb, which I have never done before. I am a little skeptical, but I’ve heard good things so I think things will turn out nicely. I am keeping my schedule pretty clear for Amsterdam because I want to feel the flow of the city and go with said flow and see where it takes me.


Time’s a wasting on my dreaming of how the trip will go, so wish me luck!!


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